Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) assessments are available at CAPS for students with SHIP insurance. Students without SHIP insurance are referred to providers in their private insurance network for assessment and/or medication management. Assessments are tailored to the student’s presenting complaints and include:

  • Clinical interview
  • Standardized structured adult ADHD interview
  • Formal psychological assessment tests
  • Assessment review with treatment recommendations

CAPS will provide internal referrals as indicated for psychological, psychiatric, and psychopharmacological treatments to ameliorate ADHD symptoms. Additional CAPS skills building and support services may be included in an individual student’s comprehensive treatment plan for ADHD and for additional conditions identified in the extended assessment.

Students requiring accommodations related to diagnosed ADHD are referred to the Center for Accessible Education following the diagnostic assessment. Medication management may be provided in partnership with a student’s primary care provider at the Ashe Center.

For student athletes seeking ADHD treatment

Download the Athletics ADHD Referral form for further instructions.

For an ADHD evaluation or to transfer care for a previous ADHD diagnosis:

  1. Visit CAPS for a Brief Screening
  2. Complete proper documentation and assessments (see table below)
  3. Schedule a Document Review meeting with CAPS Front Desk staff
  4. Schedule an intake with a CAPS psychologist, during which discussions regarding a referral to a CAPS psychiatrist for medication options may occur if appropriate.

If you have prior diagnosis of ADHD:

  1. Provide documentation of previous ADHD evaluation. (e.g. test reports, clinician records)
  2. Complete a CAPS Authorization for Release of Information to permit consultation with your previous provider.

If you do not have a prior diagnosis of ADHD:

  1. Ask two individuals to complete the CAARS Forms - 1) Observer CAARS Forms (Parent/ Legal Guardian that knew you when you were younger and 2) Self Report CAARS Forms (filled out about yourself).
  2. Complete a CAPS Authorization to Release Information to permit consultation with the parent/guardian who completed the Childhood Symptom Scale.
  3. Complete the ADHD Screening Questionnaire which is available at the CAPS front desk and can be completed at the time of your scheduled Document Review meeting.
  4. Schedule and complete the computer-based ADHD assessment at CAPS at any time prior to your scheduled Document Review meeting

ADHD Medication Management and Refills

Students who have not established care at CAPS and are requesting ADHD medication refills will be required to go through the above steps to initiate care.

  • Refills cannot be provided at the time of a Brief Screening. Students will be required to have an intake with a CAPS psychologist prior to a referral to a staff psychiatrist for evaluation.
  • Visit CAPS as soon as possible to initiate services as there can often be a wait time of one month to meet with a staff psychiatrist.
  • Students may be referred to their previous prescribing provider for transitional refills as they await their CAPS psychiatry intake appointment. Students may also be referred to community providers in the SHIP-Anthem network for expedited care.