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UCLA Counseling and Psychological Center

CAPS Brochure

Download the Spring 2024 CAPS Brochure

Groups Offered through Telehealth

Please be advised that in response to protective measures of social distancing for the COVID-19 virus, most groups at CAPS will be offered though a Zoom telehealth platform that meets strict HIPPA privacy guidelines. Students should arrange to be in a place that affords them privacy during the group session. Group leaders will be sending out instructions for how to log in to the group Zoom meeting through a secure message that can be accessed through the Ashe Patient Portal.

Wellness Skills Groups (WSG)

WSG are designed to help you enhance wellness and develop personal, academic, and social skills. WSG are offered at various times in the academic quarter, each are typically held as a 3-session series,1 hour per session.

As each group session builds upon the skills of the prior session, it is critical that you are able to participate in the entire series to receive maximum benefits. WSG are considered "closed" groups, meaning you will need to pre-register and new members cannot join once the series has begun.

To enroll: All registered UCLA students are eligible to participate. Students must complete the triage assessment with a CAPS triage clinician prior to participation or be referred by their CAPS provider. Students without SHIP insurance will be charged a fee for WSG participation.

Therapy Groups

Therapy groups are weekly "closed" groups, comprised of 6-8 participants, and require a pre-screening by the group facilitator. "Closed" groups mean new members cannot join once the group has begun.

Students are generally limited to participation in one therapy group per quarter.

To enroll: Registered UCLA students must have an individual therapist at CAPS to participate in most therapy groups. Students who have not begun individual therapy at CAPS must complete the Intake process with a CAPS clinician prior to participation in a therapy group. Visit CAPS for a triage assessment to start the process as soon as possible. Due to varying circumstances (e.g.wait times for an intake, waitlist for a specific group, etc), students may need to wait until a future academic quarter to participate in a therapy group.

When are groups held? As therapy groups are ongoing for the majority of each quarter, enrollment usually occurs during Week 1 or 2. Group days and times are determined by the needs of its members. Check back at the beginning of each quarter for finalized dates and times. Students may ask to be added to the waitlist for a specific group to be contacted by the group facilitator once enrollment is open.