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UCLA Counseling and Psychological Center

LiveHealth Online makes accessing mental health services easy when CAPS is closed, or when you're simply away from campus.

Your UCSHIP plan makes seeing a therapist easy when CAPS is not available to you (building closures, away from campus, or if you just have a very busy schedule that prevents you from scheduling an in-person appointment). With LiveHealth Online you have the ability to see a licensed therapist or psychologist through your phone, tablet or computer with internet access.

Hours & Cost

LiveHealth Online is available 24 hours a day on weekdays, all weekends and campus holidays. We have two separate codes for therapy and psychiatry. To receive these codes, please call CAPS front desk at (310) 825/0768

How to Access LiveHealth Online - Step by Step Instructions

Frequently Asked Questions:

Do I have to have UCSHIP to use LiveHealth ?

  • No. All students, SHIP and nonSHIP, may access LiveHealth online by utilizing coupon codes available at CAPS.

If I have UCSHIP, how much is the copay for using LiveHealth services?

  • The copay for UCSHIP-covered students is changing from $5 to $0 in the '20-'21 policy year. Please note that this copay may vary from campus to campus; copay is dependent on the student's "home" campus.

Do I need a special identification code to access LiveHealth services?

  • UCSHIP covered students have an Anthem XDP# that they may use for accessing LiveHealth Online; this number is accessible via the Anthem UCSHIP app. For nonSHIP covered students, they can register through LHO and see a provider. Once you start your visit, you will be prompted to input private insurance (if applicable) or no insurance at all. In order to avail of the CAPS coupon code, however, only enter that code and do not enter secondary insurance or private insurance; if secondary or private insurance is entered, that will serve as primary for the claim.

What if I try any of the instructions above and still cannot access a LiveHealth services?

Do I need a CAPS referral to access LiveHealth online services?

  • No. Accessing LiveHealth Online does not require a referral from CAPS (for Behavioral Health) so no appointment is needed if you are interested in accessing services. If you happen to already be connected to CAPS, you may simply ask your current provider for a coupon and/or call the front desk at (310) 825-0768 for the coupon codes.

What if I have dual coverage, specifically UCSHIP and MediCal, TriCare, or MRMIP - would Anthem cover the claims or is the other insurance primary?

  • The COB rules still apply, and the students' primary insurance would be necessary prior to processing a claim. If you would like to avail of the UCLA CAPS coupon code, then you would not disclose other secondary insurance but instead use a code so the claim would not be filed and/or denied due to secondary insurance being primary.

Does LiveHealth offer couples counseling? If so, are there any stipulations i.e. both in the couple must be registered UCLA students and/or at least one must be registered?

  • Students can invite someone to attend their session if they like and if appropriate. There is no additional charge for their "guest" and the guest would get a direct link to join the session when it is time for the visit i.e. you would not have to be logged on from the same physical space.

How would a student obtain copies of their telehealth visit with a LiveHealth clinician i.e. what is the release of information/records request process?

  • Anyone who accesses LiveHealth services will have a LiveHealth online portal where you will have the ability to message providers or receive your session notes which you can then choose to share with another existing private or UCLA CAPS provider.

Who can I call for help with LiveHealth claims or billing processing questions?

  • Students can call 1-866-940-8306 for assistance.

How are claims handled? Do I have to pay out of pocket for my LiveHealth online visit?

  • Claims are automatically transmitted to Anthem (no need to send claims). If you disclose a secondary insurance (dual coverage), Anthem will coordinate to verify whether your secondary insurance provides primary coverage for the claim and the original claim may be denied. If you obtain a coupon code from CAPS, there are no claims filed as CAPS shoulders the cost of the LiveHealth visit as part of the commitment to providing accessible mental health resource alternatives to promote health, healing, and hope.