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For coronavirus information for the UCLA community, please visit the Ashe Center website and UCLA’s information page.

UCLA Counseling and Psychological Center

At the onset of the pandemic, the Asian/Asian-American community was targeted with violence, unjustly blamed for the spread of the COVID-19 virus. A report issued by the Stop AAPI Hate Reporting Center documented 3,795 cases of Anti-Asian incidents from March 2020 through February 2021. Sadly, the violence has continued and in some parts of our nation even increased in recent weeks. The hate has been spread across every age range, with even the elderly and young children being impacted. CAPS stands against anti-Asian hate and violence, not in isolation, but in solidarity with the ongoing hate and violence against Black, Indigenous, Latinx, immigrant, sexual/gender and religious minority communities, and we reaffirm our support to the health, healing, and hope of our community.

CAPS is open during regular business hours, providing all services through telehealth. 24/7 crisis support is available by phone at 310-825-0768

In addition to our regular services, we want to make available other resources that may be of help during these challenging times:

Stop AAPI Hate Reporting

Asian Mental Health Collective

Asian American Mental Health Collective directory by APISAA therapists

Free bystander intervention training to stop anti-Asian/American and xenophobic harassment

Infographics and accompanying videos for helping AAPI families talk to children and teens exposed to anti-Asian bullying and harassment