Lyra is available for UCSHIP students until 8/1/24

Mental Health Made Easy

Lyra offers UC SHIP members access to confidential care for emotional and mental health, how, when, and where they need it. Whether they are feeling stressed anxious, or depressed, support from Lyra can help them get back on their feet.

Members (students, their spouses, and dependents) enrolled in a UC SHIP medical plan will all have access to Lyra's self-service wellness tools with Essentials. Members over the age of 128 have unlimited access to coaching, therapy, and medication management support.

Guided self-care with a coach

Get a care plan crafted by a Lyra coach and learn new mental health strategies at their own pace.

In-person & video therapy

Students can meet with a therapist for diagnosis and treatment of mental health conditions like depression, addiction, self harm and more.

Medication Management

Students can consult with a specialized physician on mental health medications.

Mental health coaching

Students can get to the root of their challenges with effective care from a mental health coach via video or live messaging.

Advance Care Coordination

Support for accessing vetted, evidence-based higher level of care, including support throughout transition into in-patient care.


All UC SHIP members can tap into self-led wellness tools anytime, anywhere.

No matter what students are dealing with, Lyra can help

Confidential care from the best quality providers, so students can feel better faster.

Lyra is available for UCSHIP students until 8/1/24

How Lyra works

Getting started is easy

Member shares what they are dealing with through a confidential care assessment, they receive care recommendations, and book an appointment. Lyra members waste less time looking for care and spend more time feeling better.

High-quality care that works

Lyra is dedicated to offering the best care possible and supporting only treatments that are the most effective at relieving symptoms, typically within a short period of time

The best coaches, therapists and physicians available nationwide

Our providers are ready to meet members where they are -- via live video, live messaging, or even in-person. Many use digital lessons and exercises to enhance your care experience between sessions.

Who is Eligible?

Students and their dependents over the age of 18 enrolled in UC SHIP have access to the Lyra Mental Health benefit. Lyra offers members access to free self-service tools and a diverse network of coaches, therapists, and medication management support. UC SHIP provides coverage for the cost of care. All UC SHIP students and dependents under the age of 18 have access to Lyra Essentials (the self-service wellness tools).

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